Streetlight Poles

Streetlight Pole Specificationspic2a02

Our range of poles is available in mounting heights ranging from 3 meters to 24 meters. Should our standard range not meet your requirements, variations can be fabricated to suit your needs.

The poles are designed in accordance with SABS 0214-1987- Code of Practice for the “General Procedure and Loadings” to be adopted in the design of buildings with the following given variables:

  • 50 year mean return period.
  • Category 2, class B structure
  • Altitude- Sea Level\

Design Conditions:
The poles are designed to withstand a wind velocity of up to 150 kph.

The total wind area of the pole has been calculated with a lantern wind area of 0.35 square meter in addition to the tapering projected area of the pole.

pic2b02In the design of the poles the analysis has been based on the plastic theory, with the result that all components have a “Load Factor” of greater than 1,9.

The construction of the poles is from pre-formed steel pipe of various sizes welded together through swaging by means of continuous full strength butt welds, i.e. tubular stepped in sections.

The tubular material is grade 300 MPA to SABS 657 with welding also conforming to SABS standards.


The poles and all ancillary items are hot dipped galvanised to SABS 763 specifications or finished as specified.

Base Plate:
Planted poles are supplied with a loose base plate 400 x 400 x 4 mm thick, which is attached to the pole shaft by means of 2 x M 16 hook bolts, or welded.

For surface mounted poles, the size of the base plate varies to suit the height of the poles and luminaire configuration.

Cable Entry:
A single cable entry 100 x 50 mm wide is provided 400 mm below ground level.

Protection Sleeve:
The planted streetlight poles can be supplied with a ground sleeve 600 mm long, either 3 mm or 5 mm thick or as required.

Access Opening:
A hinged, sealed or flush-mounted door can be supplied with the poles as well as various door-locking methods, safety bolts, hexagonal nut or Allen cap screw.

Single and double outreaches are available with various overhangs and radii. Outreaches are either detachable or fixed to the pole shaft.

All luminaire spigots are in accordance with SABS 1088-1978 “Luminaire Entries and Spigots”.

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